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Thank you for visiting my campaign website, I hope I can count on your support for my 2018 re-election campaign!
During my first two sessions, I served on the capital budget (construction), environment, health care, and transportation committees, focusing on jobs and infrastructure. In 2014, I chaired the Judiciary Committee. Additionally, I'm very proud to have been a major participant in successfully achieving marriage equality in Washington as well as protecting women's reproductive health options and a woman's right to choose. Some highlights of legislation I worked on during the last two years include improving air quality, securing construction funding for various projects, including a new low income health clinic in the Hilltop, and making sure our roads and highways can move people and goods across the state.
I've been a leader in attempting to close some of Washington's most egregious tax breaks and funding our K-12 education system, human services safety net and higher education with those dollars. We need a tax system that is fair, adequate, and stable.
I am so grateful to the voters of the 27th District, my family, and friends for allowing me to serve. Please contact me if there is anything you would like to discuss. I love meeting with friends and constituents, that's where the best ideas come from! If you have a legislative matter you would like to discuss with me, please call my legislative office at 360-786-7930.
Thank you for your support!